Premium sunglasses developed by French experts especially for small children. They provide the highest protection of UV filters together with a blue light filter in high-quality polycarbonate glass. They are also unique due to their unbreakability and flexibility, lightweight flexible frame without dangerous hinges and screws. Perfect protection even for the youngest children.

100% protection

● Category 4 filter, 100% UVA, UVB filter

● durable polycarbonate glasses (better filter than acrylic glasses)

● new - Blue Blocker - filter of harmful blue light

● Sufficient glass size to shade the entire eye area

● certified according to European standards

100% safety and comfort

● unbreakable and flexible - children will not break or bend the side panels

● without sharp hinges and screws, which are dangerous in case of injuries

● very light and flexible frame

● sides thin and bent so as not to push behind the ears

● The detachable strap keeps the glasses on properly

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